And the winner is…

Playoffs: This is the time where baseball is played and people actually watch (unless it is on TBS).  Not to get down on the game I love, but we have to face that people just don’t watch regular games like they use to.  I was in a bar last night after doing some weeknight skiing and this topic of what sports we like to watch on TV came up.  Now bear in mind the was an international setting with representation from France, Czech, China, and Spain.  We argued the merits of various sports on TV and baseball got as many votes as soccer.  Ouch!  Now I know the sampling size is small and the population of my survey was not representative of the typical, good ol’, heart of America kind of crowd that loves baseball, but even I have to admit that I have trouble even watching the highlights of a Royals v. Indians game in late July – unless the Indians are going for an all-time record losing streak, then I might tune in.  But the playoffs are when the whole country at least watches the Sportscenter highlights.

Now time to pick the playoff outcomes.  In contrast to my overall season picks, I can almost guarantee that these will be right*.  So to review in case you missed it, my playoff picks were as follows:

  • AL East: New York Yankees
  • AL Central: Detroit Tigers
  • AL West LA Angels
  • AL Wildcards: Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays
  • NL East: Philadelphia Phillies
  • NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals
  • NL West: Arizona Diamondbacks
  • NL Wildcards: Atlanta Braves and Cincinnati Reds

Since the NCAA basketball tourney signals the beginning of baseball and all my picks were awful, I’m going to show the MLB playoffs in bracket style so I can redeem myself.

So this year we are going to see the Rally Monkey and notoriously obnoxious fans square off to root their teams towards the World Series?  Maybe.  I think the pitching depth of the Phillies and Angels will carry both teams deep into the playoffs.  Who do I think will win?  Although I know Phillies fans would literally kill a small puppy for another World Series I see a back-to-back World Series Champion this year – Albert Pujols.  Angels win! Angels win!

Stay tuned for individual award predictions later this week. (Hopefully before opening day.)


*Note:  This post will be deleted if any of these predictions are wrong.



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