The awards that MLB spreads over a month all in one post

I understand why MLB spreads out all the postseason awards.  With NFL in full swing, America’s attention has quickly turned from the World Series Champion LA Angels and to big men hitting other big men.  MLB is desperate to stay in the spotlight as long as possible.  It’s like a C list celebrity going on Surreal Life to say, “Look, I’m still relevant.  I can drink and get in a fight with someone because they’re not respecting my two year acting career.  All I ever wanted was respect.”

I’m going to give you everything at one time…I think you can handle it.  Let’s start in the American League:

AL MVP: Adrian Gonzalez – Gonzalez had a great year last year in his first with Boston and there are thoughts that he wasn’t quite right all year.  I think he wins one of these eventually and this should be the year.

AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez – King Felix has all the stuff to be the absolute best pitcher in the game.  Seattle’s home field helps and I think Seattle will score enough this year to get him the wins.

AL Rookie of the Year: Yu Darvish – Darvish completely dominated in Japan and has shown the stuff so far this spring to take on the big boys.  I’m assuming he doesn’t fade down the stretch, but even if he doesn’t do as well after teams see him a couple times, he’ll have accumulated enough numbers to take home this prize.

AL Manager of the Year: Jim Leyland – Detroit is so much better than the other teams in there division, they are in a position to pile up wins.  Leyland will look good, even though some of the credit will go Detroit buying Fielder.

Now to the little brother in the National League:

NL MVP:  Justin Upton – Upton has all the potential in the world and has absolutely lived up to the hype. At only 24, this is the year he is rises to the top of position players in the NL, leading Arizona to another NL West championship.

NL Cy Young: Cole Hamels – When else would a 3rd starter win the Cy Young?  I’m using the contract year motivation angle here.  Hamels has gotten better and better and he’ll be primed to pile up the wins in Philly.  Hamels cashes in with the award and then with whatever team has some money to spend. (Dodgers)

NL Rookie of the Year:  Trevor Bauer – There aren’t a lot of obvious picks here, but I’m going to go with big talent over opportunity.  He’s not on the roster now, but he’ll get called up soon to replace a lagging starter and do very well for himself.

NL Manager of the Year: Fredi Gonzalez – Almost went with Dusty Baker here, but no one should every vote for him as manager of the year.  Fredi will get the Braves back in the playoffs and will earn the award for winning with less obvious talent.


That’s it for the yearly predictions.  Feel free to come back in August when half of these look asinine.  I’ll probably never look at these again…unless I’m right of course.

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