Reds follow up the Votto deal by spending even more money for old players

The Cincinnati Reds signed Brandon Phillips to a 6 year $72.5M contract.  If you are asking yourself, “Isn’t Brandon Phillips kind of old?”, then you are on the right track.  This contract will take Phillips into his age 37 season.  So now the Reds have Phillips through age 37 and Votto through age 102.  This is a recipe for success for a team that sits on piles of cash, but if one these contracts doesn’t work out, the Reds are screwed.  I’m assuming the Reds haven’t started a drug ring on the side so they must be banking on future revenue to support these contracts while still fielding a respectable team around Votto and Phillips.

I know that most fans love it.  Phillips has been a Red so long and he’s a great guy.  Great personality and he’s been an awesome player.  But history says he won’t be worth the money in 3 seasons.  Then we have to pay him and probably hold back a younger, promising players because Phillips now has a strangle hold on the 2B position for 6 long years.

I love the Reds and I’m glad they found elite players like Votto and Phillips, but if the Reds don’t win in the next two years, Reds fans will be regretting having these contracts hanging around their necks for years to come.

Here’s a great comparison between the Phillips deal and the one Ian Kinsler just signed.

And here’s a defense of signing Phillips long term.

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