Baseball: The week that was…April 15th, 2012

Since opening week started on a Thursday Wednesday, this is an extra long week in review.

  • The defending champs opened up the new season by beating a team with flashy new uniforms, a new name, and a new stadium with this thing in it.
  • Ozzie Guillen opened his mouth and made me look very smart.
  • David Freese had a pretty good week.  He’s probably wearing the same jock (unwashed, obviously) he wore in October. (stats may have changed)
  • New York and Boston started off the season with a bang.
  • Freddy Garcia got a little wild against the Orioles.
  • This happened.  To say he has a cannon may be an understatement.
  • Stephen Strasburg has a secret admirer.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury gets hurt again.  Looks like he’ll be good every other year.  Plan accordingly.
  • The Reds and Nationals went to extra inning 3 games in a row.  It looked like the Reds might be swept but their savior, Votto, finally was allowed to hit. 
  • And, finally, this video honoring a player who changed the world of MLB.

Enjoyed the first week plus of the season.  And we all know the first game counts as much as the last.

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