Business Man’s Special: Moving Sucks

This week I’ve been busy working my day job (pool boy) and “preparing” to move.  Note that I am not actually moving yet.  “Preparing” is the worst part.  It means going through old stuff and getting distracted by a old quote to repair my roof. (“Mountain gray architectural shingles…fascinating”)  Oh, and I have to fix the kitchen sink before we even can use it. JOY!  Enjoy some links while I figure out an excuse to hire a plumber.

  • What hitter has had the biggest dropoff from last year?  The answer: Yovani Gallardo? [Flagrant Fan]
  • How much money do the Phillies have again?  Fing out. [SB Nation]
  • A long read that comes to a brilliant conclusion.  Andrew McCutchen is freaking good [Deadspin]
  • Marge Schott weighs in on the Reds’ winning streak from the other side [Diamond Hoggers]
  • A collection of links about the Marlins’ fire sale.  I know they have a history of spending big then dumping everybody, but the life cycle of this round was incredible. [Beyond the Box Score]


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