Baseball: The week that was…August 12th, 2012 – More wildcards are good

Is this the new “Manny being Manny”?

The playoffs are only about a month and a half away and some of the divisions are definitely starting to shape up.  I don’t see the Yankees, Nats, Reds, or Rangers coming back to the pack.  That leaves three playoff spots in each league up for grabs.  The White Sox and Tigers battle for the AL Central while the Rays, Orioles, A’s, and Angels look to share two playoff spots.  In the NL, The Dodgers and Giants go back and forth in the West, while the loser of that race, Pirates, Braves, and Cardinals will fight to play one game.  So when someone asks if the extra wildcard game helps baseball, the answer is “Hell yes.”  I just listed 15 teams still legitimately in the race for a World Series.  That’s half the league, 15 cities, and millions of fans that are still eyes glued to the race.  This is really important for MLB, since it fights to hold off the NFL interest as August turns to September.  The more teams that are in it, the better.  This week:

  • The Rays activated Evan Longoria from the DL and fantasy teams everywhere where given false hope.
  • Roger Bernadina made a ridiculous catch to cement the W for the Nats.  and the Nats somehow have the best record in baseball.  Watch:
  • A list of all-time HR leaders for your favorite team:  National and American.  Don’t expect to see Mike Trout on here…yet.
  • Personal move update:  Still haven’t closed on my house so I’m living from place to place.  Fortunately I’ve been staying in nice accommodations and have had access to the interwebz so I can continue to post, spend time reading my news feeds and going to sites like Party Bingo.
  • Manny Machado was called up by the Orioles and gave a nice stat line.
  • I thought Bronson Arroyo threw a lot of junk, but Randy Wolf lobbed this 49 MPH steamer at Brandon Phillips.  Good thing it wasn’t up and in.
  • Mike Trout hit a sac fly and 2 runs scored?  You can’t make this shit up.
  • The Yankees sign Derek Lowe after he was released by the Indians.  This is NOT a good sign for the Yankees, just to clarify.
  • If the season ended today the playoffs would look like this:
    • AL Divisions: Yankees, White Sox, Rangers
    • AL Wildcards: Rays, Orioles
    • NL Divisions: Nationals, Reds, Giants
    • NL Wildcards: Braves, Pirates
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